A Few Good Association Management Systems

An association management system can be a huge help in tracking your members, newsletter subscriptions, special gifts, invitations to events and workshops, discounts on products and services, and more. We asked a number of different nonprofit experts about the systems that have worked for them.

Your organization serves a large group of members, and in exchange for their membership you offer a free subscription to your newsletter, special gifts, invitations to events and workshops, discounts on products and services, and more. It’s a challenge to manage so many varied and complex interactions. From membership levels and renewals to benefits and event schedules, how do you keep track of all the details?

If money’s no problem, you can custom build a database. For the majority of nonprofits it probably makes more sense to invest in one of the existing association management tools on the marketplace—there are many, and each offers a mix of features and customizations to fit your price range. A third choice is the happy medium of customizing the features of an existing platform based on your budget and requirements.

We asked a number of nonprofit technology professionals with similar needs about the software that has worked for them, and combined their thoughts to create a list of solid tools that might in turn work for you. This is what they said.

Association vs. Membership Management

Software used to track membership tends to fall into one of two categories: standard membership systems, or Association Management Systems (AMS). There’s no black and white distinction between the two, but “AMS” tends to imply a system with more support for offering a number of specific benefits to members.

For some organizations, membership is a fundraising strategy that helps achieve goals larger than just serving members. As an example, consider public radio stations—though they raise money through membership drives, you don’t have to become a member to listen. This type of organization might need a membership management system to track member “dues” and renewal dates, and with a lot of fundraising abilities, but doesn’t necessarily need sophisticated functionality to track member benefits or conferences.

In contrast, other organizations have a more-direct mandate to serve groups in specific ways. Such organizations offer memberships as a way for their constituents to receive those benefits. A trade association might provide critical services to affordable housing builders, including accreditation, conferences, certification, networking at members-only-events, group insurance rates, discounts on building materials and more. This set of needs is likely to require a more sophisticated system—usually called an AMS.

While these distinctions won’t necessarily dictate which type of software you’ll need, understanding the difference will help you choose. Membership management systems tend to start at a lower cost, while AMS software often provides a wider range of tools to help track the various services you offer members—including managing both organizational and individual members.

Considering Your Needs

Like most systems, membership and association management systems range from the simple and inexpensive to the robust, complicated to learn and expensive to sustain. The cost can begin to climb as you add more features, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Before you choose a system, carefully define your membership processes to ensure you get the best system for your money. In particular, take time to consider the following:

  • Membership Benefits and Structure. What services do members get, and what must they do to get them? Match membership pricing to membership levels and to the array of gifts, discounts, access and services they receive.
  • Event Management. If events are a critical part of your organization’s work, describe how they function and in what areas they depend upon membership structure. What member discounts do you offer? Are there multiple days, tracks or workshops? Do you need to manage vendor halls, speakers, sponsors and volunteers? Which member preferences play a role, and how do members register and pay?
  • Member Communication. Describe how you communicate with members, and how they will communicate with each other. Do you need to search a member list by certain profiles to create mailing lists? Do you have organizational chapters, and do they need access to manage their own chapter information? Do you offer newsletters and other publications?

As a side note, many AMS and membership systems lack the detailed functionality for fundraising provided by packages specifically designed for that purpose. If you're primarily asking for membership fees or donations from members, they may well meet your needs, but if your fundraising operation extends well beyond members and into the realm of major donors, pledges, and other more complex areas, you may want to consider a fundraising system instead of—or in addition to—your membership system.

Using What You Have

Organizations with relatively simple rules for members might be to meet their membership management needs by using their existing constituent relationship management system, like Salesforce or CiviCRM, in conjunction with an event management tool (see Idealware's articles, A Few Good Tools: Low-Cost Constituent Databases and A Few Good Tools for Event Registration). These systems won’t provide robust support without configuration, but it’s pretty straightforward to add a simple dues-tracking functionality, and they can be extensively customized to provide more features.

Alternatively, some popular donor management systems like The Raiser's Edge by Blackbaud, DonorPerfect and PledgeMaker support members and associations, and are helpful for organizations that need strong support for both fundraising and membership. These options can work well for organizations with a smaller membership base or tighter budget who may not want to purchase an additional database.

Options for Small Organizations

What about smaller organizations with less-complicated membership and benefit structures? Our experts recommended a few systems with lower implementation and annual costs that also tend to provide fewer features and options for customization than more expensive systems. Carefully evaluate the combination of features each offers to see how they stack up against your needs.

123Signup (www.123signup.com)

This lightweight, hosted AMS offers strong event- and conference-management functionality, with workshop/track management, session capacity setting, multiple event pricing, custom fields, attendee questionnaires, automatic event calendars and more. Membership management functionality supports organizational members with “flow-down” control, which allows member benefits to select individuals within the organization. One of the more affordable systems, pricing is determined by the number of members, and starts at $50 per month for up to 100 members and an additional 500 non-member contacts, plus transaction fees per event registration.

MemberClicks (www.memberclicks.com)

MemberClicks offers a hosted solution focused on managing a membership community online. Community features include a contact center for members, rosters, discussions, job board, event calendar and more. MemberClicks also offers a flexible form-building tool that lets associations develop custom signup forms for events, donations, membership dues and more. Basic event management is available, but not suitable for more-complex conference scenarios. MemberClicks offers only basic constituent management and segmentation, and no association-specific financial management features. Pricing starts at $115 per month plus an $895 setup fee for up to 300 members and 900 non-member contacts.

YourMembership.com (www.yourmembership.com)

This hosted service offers a wide range of basic association management features. Focused on member social networking and community management, it includes several tools for Web content management, blogs, community calendars, group and chapter administration, and more. Weaknesses include less-robust event-management functionality and limited subscription features. Pricing is straightforward, at $1,495 for setup and $5,995 annual license fee for unlimited members, multiple users and all functionality.

Tendenci (www.tendenci.com)

Tendenci focuses on online transactions with members, such as signups, registrations, dues and member rosters, but offers less-robust support for building a member community. It has a wide variety of features, including Web content management, jobs board, press release management, photo albums, online discussion rooms, built-in RSS feeds, a continuing education module and more, but many of these features are not deep in functionality. It may not be particularly well-equipped for more complex conference management, while membership functionality offers only basic support for different membership types (such as individual and corporate). Pricing starts at $2,000 setup for Web template ($3,000 to use your own) plus $195 per month for up to 500 members, $295 per month for 1,000 members, or $395 for 2,500 members, with options to expand up from these levels.

Wild Apricot (www.wildapricot.com)

Wild Apricot is a compelling, intuitive system focused on membership, events and site-management functionality for smaller membership-based organizations. The core of the system is aimed at controlling Web pages and quickly integrating membership and event-signup forms. The platform is highly specialized in some areas, and very basic in others. Wild Apricot offers a bare-bones, ad-supported free version providing Web and membership integration for up to 50 members, and then monthly fees scaling up from there beginning at $25 a month up to $200 a month for a maximum of 15,000 member records.

Small organizations could also consider StarChapter, Osprey by Active Computer, IMPack by ISSI, or Timberlake’s Go! or Pro! solutions.

Options for Mid-Sized Associations

In general, solutions with mid-range pricing offer deeper functionality and greater ability to configure the application to meet individual associations’ needs. Many of these solutions integrate key accounting functions for associations, offer more robust subscription- and event-signup management, and support divisions of members into chapters or other groups. General constituent management is typically strong, with more fields to track information and more flexible ways to filter and segment the information according to your own criteria.

Note that these are all hosted solutions, which offers such advantages over installed software packages for smaller organizations as lower startup costs and shorter implementation times. When reviewing these systems, be sure to identify where additional configuration or customization may be necessary to meet your needs.

i4a AMS (www.i4a.com)

This system offers strong features for a good price, including website content management, an online form builder, conference management, accounts receivable and batch processing, and a query-building tool for filtering and segmenting constituent information. Strong chapter management functionality allows chapter officials to access and manage their own data. Pricing includes a $1,500 startup fee plus $99 per administrator per month. More advanced pricing options include additional features, such as an online store, survey builder, discussion forums and more.

JL Systems’ NOAH (jlsystems.com)

JL Systems provides a large and refined set of features particularly strong in back-end membership relationship management and website integration. With the launch of NOAH in January 2008, the vendor shifted its focus from an installed version to a hosted service with all the same features. The system offers granular control over member groups, including the ability to let each group manage its own pages online. NOAH starts at $99 per month per user, with a minimum of five users, plus hosting at $50 per month per 1,000 contact records, with a total minimum cost of $200 per month.

Avectra’s netFORUM Team and Pro (www.avectra.com)

Avectra has long offered an enterprise-level solution, and has more recently focused on hosted products. netFORUM Team and Pro are stripped-down versions of the company’s other offerings, but still packed with features and frequently updated with new functionality. Both Team and Pro offer some website integration, recently improved to allow for custom page creation, but the focus is more on back-end member relationship management. With no customization and limited configuration options, be sure this works well for your needs out of the box. Avectra license costs depend on the product chosen and user roles, and range from $125 to $175 per user per month.

More Customizable Solutions

These products mix core functionality with custom consulting services to more closely match individual associations’ needs. They tend to require longer planning-and-implementation times, and costs can vary widely depending on specific requirements. Associations who put the time in with vendors can craft a custom solution that rivals less-configurable hosted solutions.

Affiniscape (www.affiniscape.com)

Affiniscape offers a focused back-end association management solution called Members360, which is hosted and custom-implemented by Affiniscape consultants to align with client requirements. This model makes pricing variable based on individual organization needs. Expect a minimum of $9,500 per year plus $7,000 for consulting, with costs rising for advanced needs.

Euclid Technology’s ClearVantage (www.euclidtechnology.com)

The ClearVantage approach is more of a custom engagement. The system has strong member relationship management functionality, including support for project and association process management. As an example, its exhibit hall support includes floor plan design tools helpful for larger conference engagements. Custom pricing depends on the features and services required, but expect costs in the same range as the other solution in this class or higher.

Higher-End Solutions

These solutions target larger professional or trade associations who have the technical staff in place to adopt and sustain enterprise software. They offer complex association features, customized toolsets and stronger vendor support partnerships. Pricing for the software alone ranges from $15,000 to more than $100,000 in annual costs, and implementation generally ranges from $30,000 up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Example solutions in this space include Computility, gomembers, iMIS, Association Server, TCS Software Prevail, Aptify and Personify/TIMSS. Designed as comprehensive association management systems for big organizations, these systems require internal training and support, and can therefore be unwieldy for organizations lacking strong departmental resources. Vendors provide custom pricing and implementation services depending on specific service and feature requirements.

Selecting the Right System

Many of these packages offer very different feature sets. When considering them, first make sure you’ve properly identified your needs by documenting membership rules, benefits structure, events and online community needs.

Features that seem similar in vendors’ product and services descriptions often compare differently in real-world applications. Explore them thoroughly and put them through realistic scenarios in order to eliminate surprises.

Beyond the basic features, an AMS can grow quite expensive. Consider hiring a skilled database consultant with experience implementing such applications to help make sense of all the information. That can help you focus on the task at hand—finding the system with the right features and the right price for your organization, your members and your needs.


For More Information

AMS Vendors
A listing of association management vendors from Effective Database Management. EDM also provides additional resources on its blog.

American Society of Association Executives
A resource for all areas of association management, including articles covering Associated Management Systems.

AMC Institute
A resource for finding “Association Management Companies” that provide outsourced services for managing associations’ information.

Thanks to TechSoup for the financial support of this article, as well as to the following nonprofit technology professionals for providing recommendations, advice and other help for both the original article and the update:

Eric Leland, Five Paths (2008 and 2011)

Jill Kurtz, Balance Interactive (2011)

Dan Shenk-Evans, Community IT Innovators (CITI) (2008)

Robert Weiner, Robert L. Weiner Consulting (2008 and 2011)

Wes Trochlil, Effective Database Management (2008 and 2011) 



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WebLink Connect

You never made any comments about weblinc connect. Did they not show up in your research 

Zenbership should be up there!

Reading through the list I'm thinking that Zenbership (http://www.zenbership.com/) is a perfect fit. It is completely free (open source) and it gives associations many of the tools they need to operate in a single place. Worth looking into!

MemberGate - A Premium Solution

MemberGate has been providing subscription and membership resources since 2000

A self-hosted solid platform which has helped thousands of businesses automate their recurring revenue

Comprehensive content management,, which includes member only pages indexed by Google

Responsive design, affiliate program and cart are all integrated into the one solution

Take a test drive by clicking on the Guest Membership on the home page


I want to throw Zenbership

I want to throw Zenbership into the mix (<a href="http://www.zenbership.com/">www.zenbership.com</a>). Zenbership is open source software that has all the bells and whistles of these other platforms but without the price tag! It is installed directly on your server which means it can be customized and extended to meet your needs, including integrating it with 3rd party platforms. 

Suggested platform to add

 Do you think it would be possible to add http://socialhubsite.com to the list under the options for small associations? Thank you!

Association xCatalyst

I would like to add ESX's Association xCatalyst to the above list:

xCatalyst saves time and reduces costs for non-profits and associations by providing a robust website management system integrated with a full-featured association management system in a single platform.  The consolidated feature set, built in-house into the platform, eliminates the need for multiple vendor contracts to obtain distinct features.  The single platform also reduces staff learning time by providing a consistent, intuitive interface throughout the various modules without having to login and learn disparate systems.  With ESX’s turn-key implementation, the organization's staff can focus on their workflow and process needs while ESX staff configures the platform to solve their problems.  Moreover, the xCatalyst platform offers robust website design technology to accommodate the latest design trends with the ability to customize features to meet each organizations' current and future needs.  Lastly, its flexible pricing models do not depend on the number of members, records, or administrators which allow organizations to grow their membership without the worry of additional costs and they include superior in-house support to help organizations understand the best way to utilize the xCatalyst platform to meet their growing needs.








JL System Clients

This was a good read... Do you have the client list for JL Systems? I would like more feedback from their clients they servce.  

 We don't typically ask for

 We don't typically ask for client lists from vendors when we review a product. I recommend checking association listservs/forums for discussions or starting a thread yourself. Good luck!

Looking for Member Management System


Our Non-profit association has approximately 2200 members, officials and a BOD.

A few things that we would like for our system to do/have are:

Storefront with member/non-member pricing options
Donations by category and abilitiy to track individual categories
Continuing Education
email blasts
ability for members and non-members to check expiration dates of members in the sytem
self renew
auto renew
member has ability to print card from home
ability to create new website
classified add section
being able to track competition related information on our members
EASY TO UPDATE WEBSITE - no coding needed!

Anyone have any ideas?











Visit ReviewMyAMS.com

 The reviewmyams.com community is a strong starting point for talking to clients of AMS software vendors and learning about which ones might suit your needs. 

StarChapter takes the cake when it comes to small chapters

Great article that provides a comprehansive overview about the industry. Board volunteers need to actually look for an AMS that helps them do the day to day taks easily and make sure that they can relay on the AMS they have in place for the next generation of leadership. In most cases, training the new board is the most effective way, and StarChapter (www.starchapter.com) does that for ALL its customers. 

Great post, I was searching

Great post, I was searching for a membership solution and looked at the different options you listed for small organizations.

I ended up trying Findjoo.com and I love it. Here is the link www.findjoo.com/membership-management/learn-more

They have a free trial and you only pay for the features you need. Plus the cost is ridiculously low compared to most options that are listed here. The best part is the customer service. They are very friendly and you get quick responses.

Anyone who is looking for a membership solution should try their services.




YourMembership CMS leaves much to be desired

I'm the web manager for a nonprofit that recently moved their CMS from Joomla to YourMembership and I can not caution against it enough.


The features, CMC backend, overall design are lackluster and difficult to work with. I would recommend looking elsewhere for a content managment system.



Membership and Consulting Services

We are looking for an AMS that not only has membership and class registration features but also a module to ordering and invoicing consulting services.  Have yet to see a system like this.  Any ideas are welcome.

Wild Apricot blames the victim

While we are now trying to migrate to i4a --  a nightmare -- we have a couple years behind us using Wild Apricot which has been a clunky and disappointing system that is very slow to respond and difficult to use if you are interested at all in pairing content management to their limited association management capabilities.  Their content managment side does weird things such as making all the text go bold, taking out line feeds, and prohibiting any deletion of links or editing of links once they have been added.  It is a horror for people who want to create a Web site taht is comparable to at least a Google Site or a WordPress site.  The "support" staff constantly refuses to accept respomsibility for their own system shortcomings, and insist that the problem lies wiith the user.  So, by their logic, the user should shift to another browser and never recognizes that if, for example, Firefox had a bug in it vis a vis Wild Apricot, that they should do anything to address their own shortcomings.  They do not even offer a search function on the content side and also do not offer a site map.  We have been very unhappy with Wild Apricot and are trying to migrate to i4a but hate that even more.  People in our group are significant "early adopters" in higher education and technological innovation for teaching and learning, all with quick learning curves in relation to technological platforms and spaces.  We'd like to know about a platform that is current in terms of offering features such as drag-and drop and URL updating while still offering a database back end.  

We love Wild Apricot

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with Wild Apricot. Our experience is totally the opposite. We've been helping many membership organizations move from other membership management software to Wild Apricot and they couldn't have been happier with their experience. I love it when they see and feel amazed about all the functionality and flexibility they have with Wild Apricot, specially compared to the limited websites they originally had. One of the biggest benefits organizatinos like with Wild Apricot is having control over their website content with the easy-to-use CMS Wild Apricot offers. I find it entertaining when I hear how hard they try to "break" the CMS while working on their content updates and how stable they find the system. It's true Wild Apricot support is limited, but that's how they can afford to offer it for a very affordable price. For organizations who need more, additonal customization and support that is available through Wild Apricot Partners, like Webbright You can integate 3rd party tools to expand the functionality of the software such as a Google Search or a dynamic Google map. I would say your issue was with implementation rather than the tool itself. We've been very happy with Wild Apricot.

We can help fixing this

I do have to say that this is not a common experience for Wild Apricot users - and I have just finished reading and replying to a couple of hundred client surveys (we do them monthly). 

Some of the symptoms you are describing sound likely due to malformed HTML code within a webpage - e.g. due to copy-pasting from MS Word. Cutting and pasting is a tricky thing as it frequently brings over incompatible formatting codes which can't be processed by our page editor (and most other editors I have looked at). We are looking for ways to improve this - though the best practice is not to paste any formatted text, only plain text. See http://help.wildapricot.com/display/DOC/Copying+and+pasting+text

We would be happy to work with you to investigate and hresolve this - please contact our support with details and we will do their best to help. 

Wild Apricot was a great fit for us.

We also use Wild Apricot.

I'm surprised to hear you had a bad experience with Wild Apricot. We transitioned from using handfull of different services for email, newsletters, website hosting, membership databases,etc to only using Wild Apricot for everything and I must say it's been a surprisingly easily transition. And the continued support has been superb.

 I'm sure it's not perfect for everyone but for medium sized association like ourselves it worked out very well. 


Thanks Susan!

Much appreciate you standing up for Wild Apricot :-) 

For some reason our link

For some reason our link didn't shown as link so I post the link to it again http://primadg.com/membership-management-system/

Checkout our free opensource membership management solution

Nice review.
I'd like to share here our free membership solution that can do followint things:
- manage members
- sell membership access
- sell downloadable products
- send newsletter
- offer discounts

You can get it for free at <a href="http://primadg.com/membership-management-system/">http://primadg.com/membership-management-system/</a>


Yeah, "free" -- right!  As if

Yeah, "free" -- right!  As if something is automaticaly better if it's free!  BS.  You get what you pay for!  Free usually means that additional services in the business model mean extra expense.  I don't buy into "free."  I want to know what all the costs are up front.  Free ususally means interior, so don't go tooting your horn about being "free" since some of us see red flags!

Constructive comments only please

Honestly, what is the point of your comment.?

You didnt indicate whether you had actually tested the software.

I have, and yes it does have a few limitations, but if the author just added few more functions Prima Members would actually be very good.

Another GREAT option www.membersuite.com

 Another GREAT option is www.membersuite.com  They are perfect for mid-sized companies with an AMS system that's on-demand and cloud based.  Excellent software that won't change when there are new versions or updates released.  Good demo on the web site as well as a free trial.

Nimble AMS - built on the Salesforce.com platform

Very nice comparison.  Salesforce.com was mentioned as an option.  We built Nimble AMS For professional and trade associations that need enterprise class AMS features (membership, dues, events, self service, financials, mobile, etc.) but also want the CRM power of Salesforce.com.  

For more information, please see www.NimbleAMS.com or call NimbleUser at 585-586-4750.

Nimble AMS

looks good but FYI $70k +  

Membership software

Another good option is memberGrip http://www.membergrip.com

It allows you to manage all your members online including child protection systems for communication. So great if you have young members.

It also has some specialist add ons for cycling clubs.



Great new option

 SilkStart is a great tool for website, membership and event management. everything is easy to customize and edit without any knowledge of coding of html and whatnot


Hey, I was looking for a solution for my club and couldn't find on ethat did the job - so I built my own. 


We've only just released it, but those that are using it and enjoying it!

Cheers, Isaak 

Nice one!

Fantastic post. Here’s a tool that lets you build your membership form, directory, system - fast and without coding http://www.caspio.com/apps/specialized-apps/membership-directory.aspx