Building Websites for a Mobile Phone

As more and more people use mobile phones, how do you ensure they can see your website on it?

Well, there's nothing magical about it. Most mobile phones can view sites using the same HTML that you would use for regular websites So it's very likely that people currently can see your website on their phone. However, mobile phones tend to intepret HTML standards much more harshly than other browsers, and mobile screens are tiny compared to a computer screen. So what your site looks like or whether anyone can actually use it on a phone is another story.

There's two possible ways to go to create a better mobile experience. You can optimize your current site so that it's more viewable by folks on a mobile phone. This would mean making sure your code is compliant with XHTML standards and moving key content and navigation to the upper left -- so it's more likely to appear without a lot of scrolling. Highlighting the text that's currently selected is also very important for mobile phones, as it's often hard on these devices to tell exactly where your cursor is.

If people on mobile phones are a key part of your website audience, you'll be able to support them much better by making a mobile specific website. This would be a separate website, designed specifically for smaller screens, with less images and text, and to allow people to get the information they're likely to be looking for faster. You could either have a separate URL for your mobile site (like, or you can try to detect that a user is accessing your site through a mobile device, and show them the mobile optimized site accordingly.

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Mobile Website or Resposive Website

Yes mostly peoples are searching website through mobile phone, according to recent report by <a href=">Dubai website developers</a> 70% peoples are searching through smart phone.Mobile website also playing key role in business and generating good traffic.

A very useful article indeed!

A very useful article indeed! But I would really like to know if you would recommend using ‘HTML-MP’ (HTML-Mobile Profile + CSS), because i’ve read a lot of articles about mobile webdesign and some describe the use of external stylesheets – like you do – and others prefer coding an extra website using ‘HTML-MP’, which is a recommendation by the World Wide Web Consortium (?).


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Mobile Trends

 I feel in future people focusing more on mobile website version because day by day moible gaming and application popularity increasing so, we need more concentate on mobile sites rather than traditional websites. Building mobile compatible sites are more demannding as compared to before. If anyone want more buisness then mobile site is more effective because mobile users are more as non-mobile users.


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 Building mobile compitable

 Building mobile compitable websites is the latest trend set, as number of mobile users are increasing day by day providing one more option to generate traffic and lead for the business. Especially business those are related to consumer products should alway try to build their website as they have high tendency to get leads from those hand held device.



Wow, what an amazing article! Thanks so much for doing such a fantastic job with this, i’ll be reading regularly from now on.


Thanks for a helpful post! I

Thanks for a helpful post! I was just reading an article from The NonProfit Times ( about a recent study showing increasing willingness (especially among younger generations) to make donations via text-message: another reminder that mobile-optimized sites are going to become more and more important in the coming months and years. I've included your post in my weekly roundup (; thanks again!

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