Best of the Web: January 2015

The Idealware “Best of the Web” is a monthly roundup of the top nonprofit resources from the Idealware blog, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed to help you make the right technology decisions. Please forward it along to anyone you think might benefit from it.

The first tweet is most likely to get the highest engagement numbers, but because Twitter moves fast, you could be missing a large segment of your audience. Wisemetrics looks into the data of one million tweets and finds that one-and-done might not be the best strategy.
Is Facebook worth your time? It depends on your goals, but as Frogloop points out: “Facebook has changed its algorithm so much that Facebook pages now only reach 2% of their followers. That means 98% of the people who "Liked" your FB page don't see the content UNLESS your organization pays Facebook to boost a post, buy a Facebook ad, etc.”
Here are five of Google's 12 tips for staying safe when using its resources—including search engines, browsers and even mobile devices.
There’s more to research than Google. From computational data at Wolfram Alpha to online forums where individuals are eager to share their knowledge and opinions, there are a number of ways to find information that Google is not likely to offer in its results. And scroll down for tips on how to figure out whether what you found online is valuable or just another bit of flotsam in the vast sea of junk information.
You probably wear a lot of hats at your organization. Is triage designer one of them? What about web developer? Maybe you’re having trouble getting your images to look right when you post on social media. If any of these are you, Mashable has a list of image editing tools you should know about.
According to the 2013 Blackbaud report, 62% of millennials preferred to use their mobile phones for giving. How, where, and when people give may be changing. Nonprofit Quarterly’s recent blog post lists a few tools to take advantage of this trend.
The past year highlighted the need for better information security at large and small organizations. This inforgraphic from Charity Digital News shows how well many organizations are addressing the threat and offers tips to help you keep your nonprofit secure.
Is email dead? Not according to a recent Pew Research survey. It found that a large majority of workers consider email essential to their jobs, but very few use social media in their work.
What’s possible when sharing data or creating infographics? These examples show how interesting and beautiful data can be.
A designer shows you how to make your story and your content the stars and the design their supporting cast.
Downloading the right software or using the right tools is not enough to ensure your technology will be successful in solving your challenges. As Peter Campbell from Legal Services Corporation shows, you need a process that makes sure your organization’s needs are being met and a culture that helps everyone feel empowered to adopt technology changes.
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