Launch Day

We had hoped that our latest report, Consumers Guide to Low Cost Content Management Systems, would be the biggest news of the week, but Hurricane Sandy trumped us. We’re keeping our friends, families and constituents affected by the storm in our thoughts, but releasing the report today anyway. Published in partnership with Beaconfire Consulting, it offers detailed reviews and comparisons of 11 Content Management Systems for nonprofits.

The report is free to download. Just click here.
We designed the guide to help nonprofits looking to replace an existing Content Management System or implement one for the first time. We've struck a balance, making it accessible to individuals with a non-technical background but not so basic that it won’t be of value for the technically savvy. Past versions focused specifically on open source CMS products, but this year we've expanded the report to include seven additional Content Management Systems, making this report unprecedented in both breadth and depth.
Why is this a big deal? Size matters—no other report out there covers so many CMS products so completely. For a nonprofit trying to make an informed decision about website management, this new report is the perfect starting point. We know organizations don’t have time to delve into a major research project—they need their website up and running with minimal worry and minimal fuss. This report provides the necessary information and critical details all in one place.
Additionally, we’ve written this report in plain English. Like all our resources, it’s accessible and understandable. Do you really need to know the technical details of data management in HTML style sheets? Maybe not, but you do want your website to work and to be easily editable. We don’t spend time on the minutiae you don’t need or want.
No report can answer every question, but for small- to mid-sized organizations, this one can provide a great overview. If you don’t have someone on staff with the knowledge to implement a CMS, we’ve also included a directory of consultants with experience helping nonprofits like yours install and implement the systems we reviewed. Again, we feel this can give your organization all the ammunition you need to make a smart decision toward a long-term solution.
Can you tell we’re proud of this report?
We’d like to thank our lead sponsors in particular—Beaconfire Consulting, Firefly Partners and New Signature—and are pleased to add to the growing collection of resources and training Idealware offers. We'd also like to thank you for your continued interest in Idealware and all the work you do to support the nonprofit community and the world.