Day two of the NTEN 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference here in San Francisco, and we’ve been busy sharing resources with the community–and learning lots of new things ourselves. We’re releasing the 2012 update to our Idealware Field Guide to Nonprofit Software here, as well as our Nonprofit Social Media Policy Workbook, but you don’t need to be here in person to get your own copies. We’ll be releasing both through our web site–you’ll be able to download a copy of the policy workbook for free in the next day or two, and we’ll begin selling the Field Guide next week.

Earlier today, Laura led a session about our recent report, Unleashing Innovation: Using Everyday Technology to Improve Nonprofit Services, with Cary Walski from MAP for Nonprofits, our partners on the project. Here she is emerging from the shadow to talk about emerging technologies.

The session included an exercise in which participants were asked to identify gaps in their own organizations and then address them by connecting those needs with technology. Here’s a photo of our research analyst Kyle Andrei, who worked on the report, talking with Cary during the group worksession.

The exercise was pretty straightforward, but it can lead to some interesting and inspiring ideas, as it did during today’s session. In the report, we lay out a framework by which you can the same thing at your organization, only for real. If you haven’t downloaded your free copy yet, now’s as good a time as any.

We’ve been meeting a lot of people looking to learn more about nonprofit technology, and people with a lot to share. If you’re here at NTC, stop by and introduce yourself. If you’re not, you can follow along at home through the NTC website. If there’s something in particular you’d like to know more about, drop us an email or leave a comment, and we’ll find the right person and see if we can get them on video answering it for you.

I’m off to a session, but will post more later.