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  • July 2014
  • July 2014
    You're implementing a new Cloud software solution, maybe a new database or an online file share, and there's a lot to consider. What do the implementation schedule and budget look like? How will you support your staff? How does this change affect their work, and who will need to be trained on the new system? Will you need the help of a consultant or consultants?
  • May 2014
    Once upon a time, all software had to be directly installed onto computers—but more and more, vendors are hosting software that users access via the Cloud. Maybe you use Google Drive or Dropbox, Office 365, or a Cloud-based database. Maybe you're interested in what such hosted services offer but are worried about the security risks. Moving to the Cloud is not for everyone--how do you know if it's right for your organization?
  • April 2014
    A Quick Guide to Essential Software for your Organization For more than eight years, Idealware has researched the software that can help nonprofits more easily meet their missions.
  • By Chris Lane, Idealware,
    April 2014
    Increasingly, an online presence is not just important for nonprofits, but absolutely vital. It’s been clear for some time that your organization should have a website—and more and more constituents are looking to connect with you on social media. But what about blogs? 
  • March 2014
    A web presence is critical for almost every nonprofit, but creating websites can be daunting. It can take a lot of time, money and technical expertise, all of which are often in short supply. And even if you have a website up and running, that doesn’t mean your work is done—you still need to keep up with maintenance, updates, and desirable new features. This is where a Content Management System (CMS) can help.
  • By Laura S. Quinn,
    March 2014
    Collaboration is as integral to the work of foundations as it is to nonprofit organizations. But with staff, board members, and other collaborators spread out across multiple offices or geographic locations, it’s not as easy as sitting around a table in a conference room. The right software can not only bridge the distance and unite dispersed staff, but make it easy to present, review, and comment on information. 
  • February 2014
    Do you use Salesforce as a Constituent Relationship Management database at your organization, or are you considering it? Since it launched in 1999, more than 20,000 nonprofits have employed the cloud-based system, which is made available to them for free through the philanthropic Salesforce Foundation. What’s the catch? Making such a powerful system work for the particular needs of a nonprofit isn’t always straightforward.
  • By Laura S. Quinn and Elizabeth Pope,
    February 2014
    Is tax season a time of time of stress, chaos, and panic, or a relatively trouble-free period? Can you access the information you need in your accounting software, create reports, and track restricted funds, or does just logging on make you worry about crashing your computer? The accounting software you use will make or break this time of year for you, and can mean the difference between a painful tax season and an easy one. If you're struggling to create reports, track expenses and complete the necessary tasks, it may be time for a new system.
  • January 2014
    Nonprofits hoping to improve their programs’ services or reach must first understand their own effectiveness. Measurable numbers—how many meals served at a soup kitchen, how many students in a mentoring program graduate high school, what percentage of the target population does not have access to affordable housing—are critical data that can help organizations identify where they can improve their programs.