Cutting Edge Social Media

New social media startups are appearing all the time, and the lines that distinguish existing tools blur more each day. Facebook is still the dominant channel, but even there, usage is on the decline. Is your organization’s social media presence still cutting it? While many of these newer tools may be unfamiliar to you, each has its own audience—and if your targeted demographic overlaps, you might want to add it to your existing arsenal to help you reach and engage constituents.

Idealware’s latest report, Exploring Cutting Edge Social Media, details many of these less-familiar social media tools and offers guidance to help your organization think about whether to incorporate them into your communications mix.
Why would you consider investing time and effort establishing an organizational presence on a newer product? A hidden strength of these newer tools is their specificity and their collectively smaller user bases. Before diving in, your organization should first set specific goals for this new communications strategy, identify the factors that make you want to look at these tools, and assess whether your organization has the time and resources to devote to the enterprise. Our new report can help you do all of this.
Along with thinking about how to choose tools, we examine a variety of options in specific areas:
  • Social Media to Engage Youth
  • Geolocation and Mobile Applications
  • Improving Traffic and Content for Online Communications
  • Connecting Locally
  • Connecting Internationally
  • Nonprofit Specific Social Media
  • Sharing Multimedia

Could your organizations benefit from tapping into these audiences? Read Exploring Cutting Edge Social Media to find out. Like all of Idealwa­­­re's reports, it's absolutely free. Sign up below to download it now.