Should Your Organization Consider The Cloud?

Once upon a time, all software had to be directly installed onto computers—but more and more, vendors are hosting software that users access via the Cloud. Maybe you use Google Drive or Dropbox, Office 365, or a Cloud-based database. Maybe you're interested in what such hosted services offer but are worried about the security risks. Moving to the Cloud is not for everyone--how do you know if it's right for your organization? The answer is simple: by evaluating it against your own particular needs.

We designed our free new workbook, Should Your Organization Consider The Cloud, to help you do just that.

Cloud software—also known as hosted software, Software as a Service (SaaS), ASP (Application Service provider) Software, and On-Demand Software—refers to software installed on someone else’s computers (typically the vendor’s) that you access through your browser. The Cloud is a tool to be considered and weighed like any other.

There are more Cloud versions of software than ever before, and new ones available nearly every day. With some of the software you rely on for your day-to-day work, you may no longer even have a choice between Cloud and installed versions. Yet few nonprofits understand what keeping their data in the Cloud means. Is it dangerous? Is it less expensive? Is it easier to maintain? We want to help you find the answers for your nonprofit.

Should Your Organization Consider The Cloud is a series of nine easy-to-understand worksheets that help you define your software and security needs and weigh them against the benefits and weaknesses of the Cloud. Throughout the workbook, we'll help you define your cost, security, and functionality priorities. We’ll also help you identify if the Cloud is a good cultural fit for your organization, if your existing technology will complement the Cloud, and if it would be a worthwhile investment to make the switch.

Once you’ve selected the type of Cloud-based solution that might best meet your organization’s needs, we’ll walk through how moving to the Cloud could affect your computer replacement cycle and your technology budget as well as how important features are to your decision. Finally, you’ll work through a process to answer the core question of the workbook: For the specific kind of tool you’re focused on, should your organization consider the Cloud?

Want to understand if the Cloud makes sense for your organization’s technology needs? Sign up below, and when the link appears, right click to download the workbook. Thanks to our sponsor, TechImpact, it's absolutely free.