Streamlining Online Grant Applications: A Review of Vendors

Online grant application systems can be a timesaver for all involved—or they can cause grantseekers and grantmakers hours of unnecessary frustration.  Streamlining Online Grant Applications: A Review of Vendors evaluates seven different vendors against a set of essential and gold standard features for online applications and reporting, to help grantmakers identify the best systems to support their grantmaking.  

The 42 page report covers Altum's EasyGrants, Bromelkamp's, Dulles'  Web Grants, Foundant's Grant Lifecycle Manager, MicroEdge's IGAM, Ocean Peak's Common Grant Application, and PhilanTech's PhilanTrack. It provides both detailed evaluation and a summary of the pros and cons of each vendor.

This report was commissioned by Project Streamline, an effort of funders and nonprofits to improve grant application, monitoring and reporting practices, as a companion piece to their Guide to Streamlining Online Applications and Reporting released last month. See for more information about Project Streamline and their reports.


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