Unleashing Innovation: Using Everyday Technology to Improve Nonprofit Services

MAP for Nonprofits and Idealware came together for an exciting research project that paves the way for organizations to use technology in innovative ways to deliver services and advance their missions. Download the report for free, here

We surveyed 180 Minnesota human service organizations how they were using technology, and interviewed more than two dozen staff members from organizations that were using it in effective or interesting ways to find out:
  • In what ways are Minnesota 501(c)(3) human service organizations using information and technology to innovate or substantially improve the effectiveness or efficiency of the services available to their community?
  • In what ways are they using information and technology to more effectively collect data about their performance and outcomes, and then to improve services based on this data?
  • How did these organizations decide to implement these technologies, and what factors make them successful in putting the technology to use?
  • What lessons and examples can we gather from this information that other organizations can learn from or replicate to help them provide better services, especially without substantial new investment?
What we learned was that nonprofits are doing remarkable, interesting things. Find out more by downloading the report for free, here.