At Idealware, our mission is to provide you with the most useful resources that you need to make the best software decisions for your organization. We take that mission seriously. We have hundreds of resources covering a wide range of topics—and that library is always growing! Each topic page is a gateway to all the information Idealware has gathered or produced on each subject, from major reports and articles to seminars and blog entries.

  • Your organization has constituents—everyone from donors and volunteers to clients, participants and media contacts, and more. Software packages like donor-management systems, Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) systems and case- and client-management systems can help you track and build your relationships with each of these people.

  • Your website is often the first view people have of your organization. Many different types of software—from Content Management Systems (CMS) and online donation systems to web hosting providers and analytics tools—can help make the most of your site.

  • Email outreach, through eNewsletters, email appeals and action alerts, should be a key element of almost every organization’s communication strategy. Best practices can help you connect with subscribers, while broadcast email and discussion list tools can help you manage your lists

  • Social media—like blogs, social networking sites, online photo and video sharing, and more— can provide interesting ways to communicate and build relationships with your supporters. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr and YouTube can be low-cost ways to listen to your supporters, and to reach out and interact with them.

  • You need more than text to best communicate your message. Photos, graphics, videos, podcasts and screencasts can sometimes speak louder than the written word. Software like photo manipulation and page layout tools, video editing applications and multimedia hosting can help.

  • When a group of people has to work together on a project, the logistics can be daunting—particularly if they're in different geographic locations. There's a wide range of tools that can help your group share information and get to know each other, including project management software, file sharing applications, online conferencing, email discussion lists, social networking sites and more.

  • Every organization needs to raise funds, and there are a lot of different types of software that can help. Donor-management systems, online donation tools, email fundraising, friend-to-friend fundraising and other types of software can all aid your nonprofit in its fundraising process.

  • It's not easy to win friends and change minds to embrace your cause. Software can't do it for you, but it can help—online petitions, social networks, software to email legislators and other tools can be allies to your campaigns.

  • Successful organizations start with a solid infrastructure. Through solid email clients, file and document management, backup, accounting and knowledge-management software, you can create a foundation for your staff to work productively and effectively.

  • It can be complex to weigh all the considerations when buying new software packages. By establishing a solid process and having a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of different types of software—like open source, hosted or Software-as-a-Service applications—you can be one step ahead of the curve.

  • Events like conferences, meetings, seminars, galas and auctions are an important component of many organizations’ work. Event RSVP and registration tools, online conferencing and auction software can help you pull them off without a hitch.