Cloud Infrastructure for Nonprofits

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Can all of your nonprofit’s software and file storage be kept in the Cloud? Would that really be best for your organization? Find out what you should consider when deciding whether or not to move your IT infrastructure to the Cloud. This free webinar will review what you need to know about Cloud file storage, […]

Online Communications: The Basics

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Every nonprofit needs a solid online communications foundation. This course will help you define your communications goals, practices, and strategies. We’ll help you refine your “SMART” communications goals, learn what kind of content engages your stakeholders, understand the purpose and best use of each online communications channel, develop an editorial calendar, track success against goals, […]

Recording: Tech Tools for Managing Virtual Teams

Maybe your coworker is a busy dad who has to be there when his kindergartner gets home from school. Or your nonprofit is in a small town where the talent pool for your next hire is too small. Maybe it makes sense to open offices in multiple cities that are managed centrally.  Many nonprofits have […]

Low-Cost Tools for Data Visualization

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Free Seminar, June 27th, 1pm to 2pm Eastern. Sometimes it’s hard to see what makes a program successful—even when it’s right there in the data. During this free webinar we’ll review a handful of tools and techniques that can help you show your impact and convince donors, supporters, and your teammates that your work is […]

Recording: 10 Tips for Measuring Programs with Data

Looking to get your data bearings? This free webinar offers a high-level view of what it takes to develop metrics, collect data, and use the information to improve your programs.  Click here for the recording. Presenter Eric Leland, Idealware Expert Trainer Eric has spent two decades working with progressive organizations and businesses tackling online and […]

Tactical Tech Planning: An On Demand Training Course

Sign up below for Tactical Tech Planning, Idealware’s one-of-a-kind on demand training course that can help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to make smart tech decisions for your organization. We’ll show you how to evaluate your needs, prioritize the technology that will make the biggest impact at your nonprofit, and develop an […]

RECORDINGS: Broadcast What Matters: How to Produce a Nonprofit Webinar

Webinars—seminars presented online rather than in person—can be the best way to reach a large audience in multiple time zones. However, it can be challenging to get the attention of your audience and keep it—especially with so many distractions at work and online. For your webinars to be successful, you need techniques and tools designed […]

RECORDING: Social Media in 10 Steps

Social Media in 10 Steps How can a nonprofit make the best use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest? Ten easy steps are all it takes for social media success.  We’ll walk through the right tools to use, how they work, what’s worth doing, and how other organizations are using them. […]

RECORDING: Before You Install: Selecting Software that Suits Your Needs

Before You Install: Selecting Software that Suits Your Needs When it comes to the software that keeps your organization running, deciding on a solution is a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to spend time organizing your priorities, weighing the actual cost of software solutions, and considering the needs of all the staff […]