For people on the go, the advent of Cloud software has made life much easier. When you can access what you need to get work done anywhere, you become more productive, and can bypass the headaches associated with emailing attachments, versioning issues, and misplaced hard drives.

Although many disparage the Cloud for security concerns, data is likely to be safer online than on a file server or a flash drive. Additionally, for many nonprofits without dedicated technical staff, keeping track of, maintaining, and updating local technology can mean more hassle and time than it’s worth.
With steady streams of subscription revenue, and easier updates and technical service, the Cloud appeals to software vendors as well. Many popular programs have already completely shifted to a solely Cloud based model, and many more offer multiple versions of the same program online or hosted. With available software being hard enough to differentiate already, some are left wondering if there is ever a time when moving to the Cloud isn’t practical.

Does moving to a Cloud-based solution make sense for your organization? Many opponents of the Cloud cite security as their primary concern, but do you actually have data that’s too sensitive to store online? Would the time and money you might save on maintenance and infrastructure be worth the effort and cost of evaluating and implementing a new system? What about your office’s Internet connection? Is it reliable, or do you frequently lose your connection? And try to factor in your organization’s culture — are your staff members open to changes in technology, or would moving to the Cloud ruffle feathers?

We believe that the Cloud isn’t something you should ignore—or embrace—without first evaluating the options for yourself.  You could decide to use a Cloud based system for internal file sharing, but not for your member database, for example. The choice is up to you. If you want to get a better idea of what might make sense for your organization, our newest workbook can help. Should Your Organization Consider The Cloud was released today, and we’re excited to add it to our list of resources to help nonprofits evaluate their software options whether they are in the Cloud or at home.

If you would like to learn more about our workbook, and your organization’s Cloud-readiness, get started by clicking here.