Picture yourself interviewing a candidate for a program director position at your organization. To better understand their financial management skills, you ask a direct question: “What might you look at in the program’s financial reports in order to detect problems and assess whether our financial outlook is strong or weak?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” they say. “Isn’t that the finance director’s job?”

Chances are you would not offer a director-level position to someone who doesn’t recognize the value of learning and practicing financial management, right?

Yet many nonprofits behave as if it’s perfectly acceptable for their leaders to be ignorant about technology management. They act as if it’s okay to assume technology strategy is someone else’s responsibility.

For the nonprofit sector to keep pace with the rest of the world, this has to change — and quickly. Digital skills will be essential to the success of tomorrow’s leaders, tomorrow’s organizations, and tomorrow’s social sector — and they’re just as important today. If your organization has not yet begun to prioritize hiring and training for these skills, click through to read Idealware Director Karen Graham’s blog post for Tech Soup in which she makes a solid case for why it’s time.