The Idealware “Best of the Web” is a monthly roundup of the top nonprofit resources from the Idealware blog, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed to help you make the right technology decisions. Please forward it along to anyone you think might benefit from it.

My Very First Experiment: How Changing One Sentence Led to a 42 Percent Increase in Revenue (The Digital Donor)
It takes some careful thought to ensure that your email gets read among all the others in your reader’s inbox. A common tactic for improving performance is segmenting, or sending multiple versions of emails to different groups and measuring the results. This article gives some good examples of how small changes can make a big difference when it comes to connecting with people via email appeals.

Facebook Page Redesign – Seven Features You Need to Know About (John Haydon)
We hear your collective groans. Facebook changing again!? A new look may be coming for your Facebook page admin panel, but there is no need to fear. John Haydon is here to show you how you can prepare for Facebook changes before they are rolled out.

A Day In The Life: Women Tech Innovators (NPR)<
We were recently honored to have Idealware’s founder and executive director Laura Quinn featured as part of NPR’s Women in Tech series. In March, women working with technology tweeted a day in their life with the hashtag #NPRWIT in an effort to show the impact women have on technology. This page collects what a workday in Laura’s life is like, along with many other inspiring women in a frequently male dominated field.

How Nonprofits Use Social Media to Engage with their Communities (Nonprofit Quarterly)
The Case Foundation and Social Media for Nonprofits recently conducted a survey of 500 nonprofits on how they are communicating with their constituents, and how their constituents are responding. Want to know how your organization stacks up against others from around the country? Nonprofit Quarterly breaks down the results and offers some tips on engagement as well.

2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTEN)
It’s hard to believe that only a month has passed since the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference. These great photos, courtesy of NTEN, capture a bit of what it was like to be at the nonprofit techie meet up in March.

11 Nonprofit Professionals Share Social Media and Technology Advice for Nonprofits via Instagram Video (Nonprofit Tech for Good)
“What is your number one piece of nonprofit technology advice for nonprofits?” Experienced staff members serve up advice on everything from web design to employee development in a collection of short Instagram Videos.

What Desktop Email Clients Still Do Better than Webmail (Lifehacker)
While many techies hate to leave home without access to their webmail, desktop email clients offer a few compelling features that still make them a staple of many toolbars. If you are growing weary of the security rumors surrounding some webmail providers, or are looking to get some bonus functionality, you may want to check out desktop clients for your work and personal email needs.

14 Tools to Help You Add Images for Your Social Media Posts (FastCompany)
We all see fancy meals on Instagram, cute cats on Tumblr, and family reunions on Facebook, but you can use photos to engage with your audience on social media too. With some of the tools listed in this article, you can edit photos, create infographics, and make sure your image is perfectly optimized for your social media tool of choice.

E-mail is alive and well, reports of death exaggerated. (Philip Smith)
In the current connected age, it’s almost guaranteed that you and your audience have email addresses. Beyond being one of the most common methods of quick communication, almost all online services require an email address. Even our online trainings require an email address to take part. If you want to reach a big crowd all at once, email remains a strong option.

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