Here at Idealware, we’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about case and client management systems for all different sorts of organizations. It’s a complicated market, with a whole bunch of different types of systems, often specialized to meet the needs of a particular niche of nonprofits.

We’ve come across a great report to help us all understand one of those specific niches. The National College Access Network has created a very useful overview of client management systems that apply specifically to organizations that are working with kids to improve college readiness, including several that are specifically tailored to after-school programs. It’s a free PDF, online at:

By the way, if you’re looking for case/client management systems that aren’t specific to after-school programs, a good place to start is our new Consumers Guide to Case Management. It looks at five system that are in wide use across a number of specific areas.

Want to help us understand more about a specific set of niche client management systems? We’d love to do that research. Contact us at

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