I’m getting ready to present a webinar on Thursday (it’s about Website Trends – you should join us). I’ve always admired people who can speak extemporaneously, but for me, there are only a handful of topics that I feel comfortable presenting without notes to remind me of some of the facts and figures. The problem is, unlike an in-person presentation, when I’m leading a webinar I can’t see the Speaker Notes in my PowerPoint slides.

I’ve tried pulling the notes up on a second screen…too complicated. I’ve tried printing the notes pages…way too much paper. I have fiddled around with PowerPoint for YEARS and never found a way to get what I really want: a print-out with three to four slides per page, and my notes appearing beside them.

This, THIS is the layout I wanted.

Washington State Department of Employment Security to the rescue. An obscure article on their website revealed a hidden but totally awesome PowerPoint feature that does exactly what I was after, just in time for my upcoming training event. Here’s how it works in my version of PowerPoint. (Yours might be a bit different.)

  1. Go to File > Save & Send.
  2. Select Create Handouts.
  3. Pick Notes Next to Slides and it will export everything to Word.


Solution: Automatically create handouts while exporting to Word

Idealware has lots of other tips and resources on how to make your webinars better for your audience and for you, like this one on facilitating participant interaction. What are your best tips? Do you have any other great PowerPoint hacks or hidden features?