It’s that time of year again—end-of-year fundraising campaign season. As you think about your overall story and plan your tactics, don’t forget the first step: building up your email list.

In truth, list building is a year-round process. One of the best ways to keep your list growing throughout the year is to create something worth subscribing to—for instance, an eNewsletter. A regular email that includes relevant news, events, tips that align with your mission, or resources that could benefit your readers is a smart move because it provides your constituents with something they value and gives them a reason to keep checking in on your organization. If you’re just starting out with your eNewsletter, recruit your current supporters to sign up and ask them to invite their friends.

Your year-round eNewsletter provides a good foundation, but what should you be doing in October that might pay off in December?
  • Get email addresses for people on your snail mailing list. Can you send them a postcard about your great email resources and ask them to sign up? If you have a bigger list, you can consider a service such as FreshAddress, which will sell you email addresses for current supporters.
  • Ask for email addresses on social media channels. Consider a social media campaign to encourage people who follow you on Facebook, Twitter, or other channels to sign up for your great email resources.
  • Promote a resource online and ask people to subscribe for more. It’s hard to directly promote an ongoing resource such as an eNewsletter. It’s much easier to promote a great one-off resource like an infographic, video, article, or report. What can you create that might encourage a lot of folks to click through to view your resource in more detail? Where can you promote it? Through partners? On relevant blogs? Through social media? Make sure you ask people who click on the link to sign up with their email address to get more great resources like it.
  • Ask a partner to introduce you to its list. If you have the right partners, it can be very effective to ask them to send an email to their list about your great resources. In this model, no email addresses actually change hands, but you’ll be introduced to a new audience. Do you have, for instance, a media or corporate partner? A like-minded nonprofit that doesn’t overlap too much with your mission?