We just finished lunch on day one of the NTEN 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference here in San Francisco, and Idealware has already had a full day–with no signs of stopping. We wanted to share a few photos from the field.

Fresh from leading her own session, Andrea Berry, our director of partnerships and learning, is currently greeting people and handing out resources at our table in the Cyber Cafe with Peter Campbell, one of the esteemed members of our board of directors. If you’re at the conference, drop by and introduce yourself or pick up some resources.

Laura Quinn, our executive director, is currently leading her own session, “More Than Apps: Affordable Program Delivery Through Mobile Phones,” and the turnout is inspiring–standing room only, and spilling over into the hallway. She’s got two more sessions coming up in the next few days, but she’s set the standard pretty high.



While they were leading sessions and manning the table, I met with my fellow advisors from the NTEN:Change Journal editorial committee. They’re all smart people, and I learn something everytime I talk to them–but today I have to confess to being a little distracted by the view of San Francisco Bay.

There are thousands of people here who every day do remarkable things with technology to help their organizations advance their remarkable missions. Idealware is here to share our own knowledge and expertise, but we’re also here to learn–and what we learn, we’ll continue to pass on to the rest of the nonprofit community.