How do nonprofits choose software? With solutions for every need—and then some—it’s difficult even to know what’s available, let alone what’s best. Idealware created the Field Guide to Software for Nonprofits as a handy reference to all the different types of software that might be useful to you.

The Field Guide is highly customizable for your needs and your network. By co-branding, you will get the Field Guide in a format appropriate for either printed distribution or distribution as an online PDF.

Co-branding includes:

  • The right to print or distribute copies to as many organizations (members, affiliates, or grantees, for instance) as you have purchased it for.
  • A distribution- or print-ready PDF version of the 2017 Field Guide, prominently co-branded with your logo on the cover, your own introduction page, information about your organization, and a customized set of resources for more information.

The core price of co-branding the 2017 Field Guide depends on the size of the network to which you will distribute the guide, either in printed or electronic form.

  • For fewer than 500 organizations: $1,200
  • For 501-1,000 organizations: $1,700
  • For 1,000-2,000 organizations: $2,200

This price includes licensing and setup but does not include printing and shipping the guide. Idealware can do that for you at $5 per copy plus shipping.

You can also order bulk copies (non-branded) through Idealware at $10 each for 50 or more or individual copies through Amazon at $25 each.

For larger networks, we can take the customization another level with custom case studies, new software selections, and network-specific tools and terminology. We also offer options for smaller networks and smaller budgets. Ask us for a quote.

The thoroughly updated Field Guide comes out in late March. Contact Karen Graham at 207-613-7368 or for more information or to place your order.