Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a single project you could fund that would have a positive impact throughout all your grantees’ programs and services? There is: technology capacity building. While technology in and of itself will not save lives or end world hunger, it can have a powerful effect on every organization’s mission. Properly supported, the right technologies can build your grantees’ effectiveness and efficiency and multiply the impact of your other grants and programs. Many foundations are reluctant to support technology projects. As a result, many nonprofits are reluctant to directly ask for that support.

Idealware created this guide as a resource to bridge that gap. Inside, you’ll learn why nonprofits need your help with technology, how you can fit technology capacity building into your current work and granting guidelines, and 10 ways you can support your grantees’ technology capacity, complete with case studies of foundations that have seen success implementing those tactics. At this end of this guide, you’ll find resources to help you implement your own technology capacity building program.

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