You’re implementing a new Cloud software solution, maybe a new database or an online file share, and there’s a lot to consider. What do the implementation schedule and budget look like? How will you support your staff? How does this change affect their work, and who will need to be trained on the new system? Will you need the help of a consultant or consultants?

Even for straightforward software solutions, these questions require some planning and thought. We designed our latest workbook to help you define and plan your project, give you a better understanding of your organization’s readiness for the new system, and to help you identify the data you will migrate from the old system and what you can leave behind. Along the way, you’ll explore all the ways this change could impact your organization’s processes, from how you enter data to where you turn for help with problems. We’ll also help you identify what training is needed and how to provide or find it.

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(Still trying to decide if Cloud software is the right choice for your organization? Download our previous workbook, Should Your Organization Consider The Cloud?, for help.)