As we strive to measure our work more closely and track a number of metrics about the health of our organizations and programs, we’re up to our eyeballs in data. How can we make sense of it all?

Infographics–essentially any combination of information and image used to tell a story by visually representing data–provide one answer to that question. However, fueled by ease of sharing through social media, we’re now almost as overwhelmed with images as we once were with data. We’re right back where we started. How can we make sense of it all?

Idealware’s new report, Infographics for Outreach, Advocacy, and Marketing: From Data to Design, is a guide to help you think through the process of understanding and creating infographics. In it, we cover what defines an infographic and help you create one that presents your data in a compelling and easy-to-understand way. We’ve also included a number of examples of infographics, both good and bad, to make the point clear.

It’s absolutely free–download it now.