If you haven’t looked into voice recognition software in a while, it’s worth taking another look at it. It’s come a really long way.

This entire blog post is dictated through my simple Android phone with Google’s fault [default] voice recognition software. We’ve simply put in brackets just wear [where] the software made it pretty unclear what actually I was saying but other than that everything here, including the punctuation, has been dictated.

I have a little bit of experience with it, maybe a couple of weeks, which has helped me with things like the punctuation but in general this is what you get these days when when you dictate something through voice recognition software.

It is interesting to note, however, that even though I have a lot of experience writing, my tone when I dictate it becomes somewhat more informal. Its just hard to speak in the same way that one would write I’m [a] more traditional document.

[An additional note, now written in a more traditional way,  Google Chrome (the browser) supports voice dictation–it’s a bit of a workaround to create a written document, but will get the job done. Google just announced that it will add voice dictation to Google Doc, which will add a super simple way to dictate.]