Recording: Tactical Technology Planning for Nonprofits

This course will help you spot your organization’s critical technology needs and develop a practical plan for improving your technology infrastructure––even if you don’t have a tech background.

Does your technology need major upgrades? Where do you start and how do you get the job done on time and on budget?

Throughout this course, you will:

Session 1: Getting Started

In this first session, we’ll discuss tactical versus strategic planning and help you lay the groundwork to begin planning for technology improvement.

Session 2: Understanding Your Tech Infrastructure

We’ll first lay a foundation of knowledge about the basic building blocks of office technology and how to manage them. Then, during the live session, we’ll help you evaluate your current technology and what action you’ll need to take to get it into shape. This session will cover hardware, security, backup, networking, software, maintenance, and how to support your colleagues.

Session 3: Database Systems

Your organization interacts with a lot of different people—volunteers, activists, donors, clients, and more. To kick off this session, you’ll watch videos that help you consider your options for managing your data. In particular, we’ll outline what a CRM system can do for you and review specific software including donor management systems and broadcast email tools. Then, in the live session, we’ll discuss what to look for when selecting a database system, review best practices for software selection, and share ideas about what features and configurations work best for particular kinds of organizations.

Session 4: Online Communications

You’ll gain access to videos where we’ll walk you through the “SMART” communications goals and help you gain a solid foundation for planning your website, broadcast emails, social media, and how to weave them all together. Then we’ll get together and talk about how to prioritize your communications and share successful strategies that you can apply to your organization.

Session 5: Completing Your Action Plan

This final session is dedicated to helping you complete your action plan so that you’re ready to put your new knowledge to work right away. We’ll answer questions and offer tips for making sure that your plan is doable. We’ll also help you think through how to get your project funded and what you’ll need to do to successfully implement new technology.

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