How to Get Your Technology Project Funded: Tips from Grantmakers

Hear from funders and learn ways to win funding for your nonprofit’s technology needs, in this three-part online course.

Three Thursdays, Starting November 29th, 1:00 to 2:30 pm Eastern. Cost for all three sessions including unlimited access to the Course Page is $120. 

Imagine doing your job without a computer or any software. Ridiculous, right? Yet many funders overlook technology. The result is a nonprofit sector that is slowed down by outdated and ineffective tools. But there’s hope. Funders aren’t against technology—they just want to know that investing in your technology needs will lead to better outcomes. That’s why we’re offering this three-part course. We want to show you how to convince funders that your tech projects matter so that you have the tools you need to do your best work.

During this course, you’ll hear directly from funders about what they look for in a technology proposal and what it takes to make your technology needs stand out. We’ll start out by helping you set the stage for funding your project by zeroing in on your potential funders. Then you’ll get the chance to ask our panel of grantmakers your own questions during a moderated discussion. And we’ll wrap up by talking about the practical steps for moving forward and getting the funding you deserve, including how to contextualize your project to show how important it is to your organization, how to budget for future technology and additional details that go into writing a strong proposal.

Course Schedule

November 29th: Setting the Stage for Funding

We’ll start by helping you sort out your funding options to identify the best opportunities for technology funding. Would your current foundation funders be a good fit? Would corporations? What about other major donors?

December 6th: Ask a Funder

Through a moderated discussion, you’ll get a chance to ask your biggest questions directly to several grantmaking professionals who frequently evaluate technology proposals. Participants will be able to submit their questions in advance and our moderator will ask as many as possible during the 60-minute session.

Sample questions might include: What makes a technology proposal stand out from others? What issues do you see over and over? What makes your non-techie colleagues react positively or negatively toward a technology proposal? If you had one piece of advice to someone seeking funding for a technology project, what would it be?

December 13th: Defining the Details for a Strong Proposal

Once you’ve gotten advice from grantmakers, how should you proactively move forward? We’ll talk about what details need to be included in a strong proposal with a technology component, including how to frame your project, how to connect your project to your larger mission, how to draft a budget, and how to think through where this project fits within your larger technology ecosystem.

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