Free Webinar: Telling Your Story Through Blogs, Photos and Videos

Thursday, May 9, 1 to 2 PM Eastern. FREE!

How do you convey the great work your organization is doing with blogs, photos and videos? These tools are powerful ways to share the difference you’re making in the world. We’ll cover the principles of good storytelling, look at examples and research about what’s working for nonprofits, and then discuss the tools that can help you put them online. 

Meet Our Expert Trainer

Maureen Wallbeoff, Founder 

Maureen says: “My career path brought me into my first nonprofit job at Planned Parenthood of Connecticut back in 1991, and hooked me on nonprofits for life.  When the first wave of business technology burst on the scene in the early 90s, I was entranced.  Many hours of self-directed learning time were spent figuring things out on my own, and then teaching others. As the resident accidental techie in my organization, I was an innovator.  I also woke up in a cold sweat, worrying that I would make a mistake that might bring problems to my organization (or worse, my own career).  I was making it up as I went along, because there were no trusted resources for me to turn to. In late 2007, I joined several business partners and opened the doors to Firefly Partners – a strategic digital marketing agency for nonprofits.  As Vice President, I created the initial systems, processes and client-focused culture, and directed a team of twenty designers, developers and strategists to deliver websites, campaign strategies, and optimization services on dozens of platforms. I can show you a better way to prepare for and use technology.”

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This webinar is free thanks to the generous sponsorship of Keela. Keela is “an all-in-one suite of nonprofit management tools that are simple to use, without compromising on power or function. Keela is obsessed with building the capacity of the nonprofit sector and can’t wait to help you get back to impact.” Learn more about at

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